Saturday, February 23, 2008

"The stage was now set for..."

I've never been much of a blog fan. I really like wikis instead, and I've spent way too much time fiddling with them for fun the last few years. But I've noticed that lately I find myself spending an increasing amount of time reading blogs that primarily consist of people posting little technical tidbits about software that I use, and I've realized I should be one of those people. One of my long standing organizational problems is that I collect more information than can be organized usefully with the time I've got. While I've got a private wiki I use for that, it fails to work well for jotting down quick notes I'd like to be able to find again one day, but that don't need to be put into a larger structure.

Thus is born the note magnet. Let the shredding of scribbled post-its I've transcribed begin.

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