Friday, August 15, 2008

"The essential postgresql.conf" at the BWPUG

One of the common complaints about how you setup and tune a PostgreSQL server is that the postgresql.conf file is way too big, and there's no good guidance to where you should start. I've been talking and corresponding with many PostgreSQL administrators over the last few months, and getting writing help from Christopher Browne and then Robert Treat, to work on that problem. I'm proud to announce a document to address that need that is now both current and pretty complete, while not being overwhelming: Tuning Your PostgreSQL Server.

Robert and I finished this off just in time to present the results at this week's Baltimore/Washington PostgreSQL User Group meeting, providing edutainment going through the whole list of 18 most important parameters (plus logging). Thanks to Robert, Chris, the regulars on the PostgreSQL mailing lists, and everyone who gave us feedback at the meeting (now applied to the Wiki document) for helping to bring all this information together into one relatively easy to digest bite.


roppert said...

That is awesome! I've been struggling with the configuration many times and find myself doing a lot of reading each time I have to make not so common changes.
This will be a good resource for PostgreSQL admins. Great work!

RyanDBair said...

Very nice! I wish I had this when I was first starting out with Postgres. Regardless, I still picked up quite a few good pointers.