Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PostgreSQL at the LISA conference in Baltimore

This week the Usenix LISA Conference is running in downtown Baltimore. There will be a PostgreSQL booth in the exhibition area from noon-7pm on Wednesday and from 10am-2pm on Thursday. Robert Treat is the lead elephant for this show, and is too busy with booth setup to have time to write fluff pieces like this one. I'm co-hosting, and we have some other volunteers you might see too. We're basically the least attractive booth babes ever, but if you're looking to talk about open-source databases and in the neighborhood, we're more informative than the local dolphin alternatives.

This week is also my first working for 2ndQuadrant, as the latest addition to their global PostgreSQL and replication consulting staff. If you're in the US, were interested in 2ndQuadrant's services or array of training classes, but figured that would be too hard to coordinate with their UK or Italian offices, that's something I can help out with now.

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